Empowering women throughout their fertility journey

Roo’s Rainbow’s mission is to empower women throughout their fertility journey.

We aspire to bring hope, perspective, and a sense of solidarity to women during their journey to fertility and family by:

  • Sharing stories of real women facing infertility, fertility treatment, miscarriage, infant loss and adoption.

  • Honoring women warriors, acknowledging the often difficult path to motherhood and celebrating miracle babies.

Our intention is to meet women where they are on their fertility journey. We understand that situations and emotions can change day to day. We strive to be a place of support throughout the journey.

Stories of Healing and Hope

When you’re on a fertility journey you’re in it, even if you try to ignore it. There’s rarely a clear solution, end date, or exit strategy. The main thing we can control is how we process, respond to and evolve from the hurdles along the way.
— Alanna